We're here for those freelancers and companies who want to cut through the noise. Those who work to live not live to work. Those who don't want to spend time looking for a job or a new freelancer, managing tasks, tracking their time, dealing with too many companies or recruiters, worrying about complicated admin.

Today's hyper-connected world requires a simple and reliable tool that does the job for you.

Talento is that partner. We find you the best freelance jobs and do the paperwork for you. Talento manages your recruiting process, payments, invoices, timesheets, taxes, and adapts to your needs, giving you control of your life.

Freelancer or company, Talento is the recruiting tool designed around your needs and global lifestyle. We help the new generation of talent thriving in a flexible and connected world.

We connect companies with top talent in the creative, tech and digital marketing industry.

We are .