Make freelance work.

Talento instantly connects the best freelancers with companies. Both onsite and remotely. And we manage timesheet, invoicing and taxes. And we give other cool benefits too.

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Introducing Talento

Instant matching 🚀

We instantly analyze skills, experience, availability, to find the perfect match for your needs.

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One click integration 👇

Sync with your favourite accounting and tracking platforms, receive real-time notifications and generate timesheet, invoices or tax predictions.

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Hand-picked network of freelancers 🏅

The quality of freelancers on Talento is high. We hand-pick talent and constantly review their profiles.

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Benefits and perks 🔥

We partner with top brands and products to give you the same benefits as a full-time employee. Gym membership, co-working spaces, health insurance, pension plans, deals with restaurants and coffee shops, discounts on software and tech kits. We cover everything.

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A radically better way to work

It's the company that finds you.

Add your skills, daily rate, availability, link to your portfolio and connect your social channels. Then just approve or reject offers. It's as simple as that!

We use AI to match your profile with the best companies. So you just need to accept or reject job offers.

Keep track of your bookings with your personal calendar.

Get paid immediately after the job is done.

Never chase for payments again. Talento will deal with clients to collect money and transfer it to your wallet once the job is completed.

Get paid in pounds, dollars, euros, any currency you want (even crypto).

Keep track of your bookings with your personal calendar.

Manage invoices, taxes and timesheet.

Manage it all in one place with Talento. Every time you complete a job we will automatically generate an invoice and timesheet. A dynamic tax calculator will also give you a constantly updated projection of your tax spending!

Track work hours, bookings, timesheet, invoices and taxes.

Create pots in your wallet to pay for taxes or save money for your next holiday.

Instant match and hire.

Get instantly matched with qualified and available talent. Filter profiles by role, skill, availability, location and budget, and book them within 3 steps.

We use AI to match your needs with the best talent.

Only three steps to book a qualified freelancer.

No middle man and super fast hiring.

Manage talents in house or on-demand.

One dashboard (mobile and desktop) to manage freelancers both in house or on-demand. You’ll be able to download their timesheet too!

Check your calendar to see your booked freelancers at a glance.

Download reports of payments, invoices and timesheet.

Change currency with no fees (even crypto!)